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We are experts in campaign creation and management with our carefully crafted campaigns that are always tailored to meet your unique goals.

DDM – Data Driven Marketing specializes in data strategy and systems integration to drive the optimization and automation that allows us to create custom reports that measure the success of your campaigns.

Because we analyze, plan and integrate all of your technology systems, we are able to track every interaction between campaign and customer to understand how visitors are interacting with your pages and how this contributes to your bottom line.

Additionally, with our SEM / SEO and Social expertise, our team helps you determine the best mix of organic and paid content that ensures that you will stand out from your competitors and connect with your intended audience and prospective customers.

What We Do

Campaign Creation and Management

We analyze data to ensure that we know what works and how to maximize every dollar spent. Our strategies are crafted to meet your unique goals.

We determine the outcome of your campaigns and marketing initiatives by effectively targeting and measuring results for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like revenue and profit. With our expertise and planning, your marketing spend becomes a predictable income generator. We specialize in scalable campaigns that yield the highest return on investment (ROI).

Not only do we look at website traffic, but we utilize sales and customer data to inform strategy and decision making. We map out your customer journey to ensure the best possible experience for prospective buyers. From our initial analysis, to defining a base-line, to devising our strategy, to implementation, to measurement and optimization - customer experience mapping and concepting is always at the forefront of what we do.

Campaign Creation and Management

Data Strategy and Systems Integration

We are systems and data experts at DDM – Data Driven Marketing. Our team of specialists will analyze, plan and integrate all your technology systems (CRM, analytics, accounting and logistics) to gauge the success of your campaigns and drive optimizations and / or automations.

We offer customized reporting to uncover growth opportunities that align with your business goals. We provide insight into how customers are responding and make skillful adjustments to ensure that our marketing efforts are as effective as possible in improving conversion rates through maximized sales and / or lead goals.

We can fine-tune any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and tracking methods that are already being used to better understand and quantify the return on your marketing efforts. We also integrate CRM tools, analytics and proper tracking across your site, if you are not already doing so.

Improper CRM utilization can result in poor sales performance and can affect marketing campaign results. We help you analyze customer trends and behavior to better inform the sales process. We also specialize in call center and dialing system integration to help improve revenue potential from marketing campaigns.

Data Strategy and Systems Integration

SEM / SEO and Social

We help you take your sites and social platforms to the next level. How much organic content do you invest in versus paid? Do you boost your channels or posts to get followers or traffic? Our team will help determine the best mix for your company and deliver content that will get you the most views and interaction by your ideal audience.

No matter what your goal, we have the team of experts to help you reach it. Build on followers, traffic, interactions, shares and reach through content planning and campaign optimizations.

We create effective SEM campaigns designed specifically for your business. We specialize in search marketing, paid social marketing and video / display campaigns.

We develop and / or optimize campaigns to deliver the KPIs and ROI that you are looking for. Our specialists deploy tactics that help you stand out from your competitors and connect you with your intended audience and prospective customers.

With clearly defined targeting, paid ads are served directly to the people that are interested in your product. DDM uses data-backed decisions to decide how, when, and where to start placing ads. We have highly skilled specialists in audience targeting, that focus on getting you the right people at the best possible cost. We create a marketing strategy that combines the best keywords, ad messaging, landing pages and site experience to produce sales that generate the highest return on investment.

SEM / SEO and Social


We evaluate all data sources and digital infrastructures at DDM, to focus on the metrics that matter. We track every interaction between campaign and customer to understand how visitors are interacting with your pages and how this contributes to your bottom line.

We track forms, buttons, dynamic phone numbers, checkouts, and anything else that is needed! With clean and reliable data, we gain valuable insights that remove emotion from the decision-making process and deliver marketing that converts. We utilize direct response marketing techniques to drive immediate action. We build sales funnels and personalized automation systems that speak directly to your customers and allow your business to scale effectively.

Our experience with automation and automation technologies will help you define a strategy that will compliment your marketing and sales approach. We provide a full feedback loop to assist the algorithms and artificial intelligence that is used by automation technologies.


Lead Generation

We provide top quality and high intent leads with decades of experience. Our lead generation techniques are customized to meet the unique goals of any business. Receive qualified leads on your schedule and convert more inquiries from the right audience.

As data-driven experts, we put our expertise to the test, using cutting-edge and innovative methods to inform our strategy and decision making whether you currently run lead generation campaigns – or not. This means that only the highest intent and most qualified leads get sent to your team, without inconsistency or unjustifiably high prices.

Lead Generation
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