We Are

At DDM – Data Driven Marketing, we are a team of experienced and proven digital media and marketing professionals.

We are innovative and constantly evolve to stay ahead of the crowd with cutting edge customized techniques that are resistant to the changes that occur within any given industry.

We are results driven and committed to maximizing your return on investment, delivering measurable value and profitable results. Your success is our success as we are extremely customer focused and partner with you to activate the power of your data with our media management expertise.

Who We Are

Experienced and Proven

At DDM – Data Driven Marketing, we are specialists in the strategic definition, implementation and operation of technological solutions within the digital and marketing landscape. Our data analysts and campaign managers are experts in “artificial intelligence” (as it relates to data feeding marketing campaigns) and have decades of experience servicing different verticals.

Our experts develop and implement start up tools, applications and methodologies that enable businesses to collect and analyze enormous amounts of information from different sources.

All of this is done with the knowledge that data ultimately supports strategic business decisions – our track-record and results speak for themselves!

Experienced and Proven

Cutting Edge

DDM – Data Driven Marketing originated in the highly competitive education vertical. To stay ahead of the crowd, we devised cutting edge techniques and constantly evolved to remain on-top, doing alpha and beta testing with partners like Google and Facebook.

Online campaigns are essential to promote your product or service. At DDM, we strive to ensure that your ads are executing at the right time using appropriate creative, audiences, segmentation and bid strategies.

Our software integration experts and data analysts create cutting-edge customized approaches and methodologies that are resistant to the changes that occur within any given industry. We have the experience and ability to understand business challenges, connect data pipelines and continuously analyze and integrate them into systems for optimizations.

Cutting Edge


DDM – Data Driven Marketing gets straight to the bottom-line. We offer services that deliver measurable value and profitable results. Data is not only an asset, but it is the MOST important asset your company has. Our data analysts and campaign managers use our PROVEN PROCESS to ensure that you are getting the most out of your marketing dollars.

We set-up campaigns that focus on profitability and then backtrack to determine the other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are required to maximize the profit.


Customer Focused

DDM – Data Driven Marketing is by your side to navigate through the ever-changing technical and digital landscape. We partner with you and activate the power of your data with our media management expertise. We integrate your technology systems and track every dollar spent so that you can make better informed decisions. At DDM, we set up a system that ensures you understand the payback on your investment.

Our implementation occurs seamlessly and with as little or no disruption to your current business as possible.

Our marketing is designed to evoke positive responses and encourage prospective customers to act swiftly. Our approach allows you to build solid relationships with your customers, establish loyalty, boost your brand and ultimately increase your profits.

Customer Focused


Turning marketing spend into a reliable income generator
Making objective decisions that are based on facts
Using data to drive revenue
Removing the guesswork to save you money
Maximizing profit through integrated systems and custom solutions
Using available data to make the best decision at every iteration.
Not re-inventing the wheel.
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